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In Topic: Lawn Fungus

06 August 2016 - 01:05 PM

You'll probably need to post photos or at least a better description of the fungus. "Fungus" could be anything from spots to rust to a fairy ring of toadstools. 

In Topic: Seed Bank Withdrawal

06 August 2016 - 01:02 PM

None of those are honeysuckle. They're all weeds (mostly Galinsoga quapriradiata I think) that sprouted in the foot print of the vine I yanked out. I've pulled a few straggling honeysuckle vines, but not many.


I tried to throw the decomposed mulch back over the disturbed area, but as you can see, it failed. I don't know Galinsoga's seed dormancy capability, so I suppose it could have been seeds coming in and sprouting in the disturbed soil as well. 


Luckily it's a small area and I've just been hand pulling them for now. I hate to top up mulch since this is a new house (as of a year ago) and I'd rather wait until the borders are adjusted and plans more established and order a load of bark fines all at once. There are a lot of changes that need to be made. But I may have to go get a bag of something and a hunk of cardboard to cover this spot.


Supposedly Galinsoga quapriradiata is quite palatable. Maybe I should have cooked them up.  

In Topic: Spring Surprises (or Good Lord What Have I Done?)

11 June 2016 - 07:32 PM

Actually, those trees aren't going to grow up. One is a silver maple and the other is a variegated Norway maple (and a third was a purple Norway maple, and was the first to go). They are two of my least favorite trees and their days are numbered.

In Topic: trumpet vine versus wisteria?

26 April 2016 - 07:19 PM

Yup! I would not put it on a house. That's an outbuilding, not attached (or even near) the house. And those vines are from when I wasn't in charge of maintaining the place. Had I zoomed out, you would see that they are cut above and below those photos. I just can't get those pieces out without tearing off the siding. I would never plant it again, but it's been there for decades, the hummingbirds love it, and it looks cool because you can only see the top with the flowers peeking over the roof from the house so I just keep hacking at it when it misbehaves. 


I did order some Bignonia capreolata, which I have never tried before, for my own (new to me) house in town to see if it's a suitable alternative.  Also some Parthenocissus henryana to see how it does compared to quinquefolia, which also used to grow on that building, but I couldn't keep it off the power lines to it's gone. 

In Topic: trumpet vine versus wisteria?

01 April 2016 - 10:43 AM

Also, where is the wisteria growing? Because if it's on your house, that's another strike against growing trumpet vine on it. Wisteria is a twiner and goes where you put it for the most part, although it might crush a railing or something if it gets too big. Trumpet vine, on the other hand, is a gripper. It goes where it wants, and where it wants is into any little crack or hole. It will rip the siding off your house for fun. 


Oh, and in case the suckers aren't enough, sometimes the seeds are viable as well. At least, I assume that's why i found one growing out of the dirt floor of the old farmhouse basement, hundreds of feet from the vine. I assume a varmint hauled it back to the house and buried it for future consumption. 


This is what it does to our garage

Attached File  IMG_2697.jpg   80.22K   189 downloads

Attached File  IMG_2696.jpg   65.51K   201 downloads


Once through, it slithers around inside until it finds the light from the window

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