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Dressing our plants to kill zombies!

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#1 Janet Macunovich

Janet Macunovich


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 03:43 AM

We told you (check it out) we've been having fun with* a computer game called Plants Vs. Zombies™

In that game are pea-shooting pea plants, flame-throwing "torchwoods, tire-puncturing thorn bushes, incendiary peppers, etc. The ideas are so clever it's contagious... so now we've begun dreaming up ways that plants from our garden might be zombie-fending heroes.

Posted Image

We dubbed this guy the CactiCop and figure him for the prototypical grizzled old Southwestern dude who'll shoot you unless he figures he can simplykill you with a bear hug, quicker.

*We have not and will not receive any money or goods from the game's makers, are not advertising for them and will not do so. We're naming names as we tell you what we're up to, same as when we tell you which fertilizer, hoe or pruning saw we find useful.

Give it a try: Dress your plant to kill!

Anything goes within this topic:
1) Dress a plant, which could mean you
a) Deck out a real plant, snap its picture and post that shot as a Reply here, or
B) Get crafty with scissors and glue to modify a plant photo, and post it, or
c) Go crazy with Photoshop, or
d) Sketch your idea, scan that and post it, or
e) Describe your killer plant in words, or
f) Dress yourself as a killer plant...
g) Whatever works to make you grin.
2) Include a few words or otherwise make it clear how your creation can protect its gardener from a zombie attack. (We do reserve the right to erase gory, gross or profane images.)

In short, just about anything goes with this contest. So go for it.

We'll let this go on until about March 7.
And we sure hope this totally unsettling un-winter goes with it!

3) Oh: We have prizes. Nothing worth more than a few bucks but all fun stuff called "swag" by the makers of Plants Vs. Zombies™, who gave them to us for this use. (Thanks guys.) We'll take some pictures and add them in here.

4) Sometime after March 7, we'll set up a poll to let you-all vote for who wins what.

Now, please help us out, here. Don't let us end up being the only goof-balls designing killer plants!

#2 Steven Nikkila

Steven Nikkila


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:42 PM

Hmmm, arm a succulent with a water gun it's the perfect combination. All it has gotta do is grow and it'lll have all the ammunition ever needed!


#3 Steven Nikkila

Steven Nikkila


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:47 PM

One more that doesn't need anything extra. Let's just hybridize between the most dangerous barberry species we can find. Don't even ask me which species they are, I just KNOW they are barberry and they are bad dudes!


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#4 Deb Hall

Deb Hall


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Posted 02 March 2012 - 10:45 PM

Hey guys this one doesn't need to be dressed. It's perfect as it is. It's called a baseball cactus but this is absolutely a missile launcher.


#5 Janet Macunovich

Janet Macunovich


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Posted 14 March 2012 - 11:10 PM

D.O. contributes this, and we're so gladto imagine someone else giggling and "playing"!
Hello Janet,
Hope I'm not to late to submit my Killer Plant. Just returned from vacation. Came home through Georgia. Have you ever seen the Callaway Gardens? The Azalea were just shy of full bloom, 20,000 of them. Got some great pictures.
We call it
"Spider Ship sends Ninjas to Rescue Tweety Bird."
Just need three spider parachutes, three ninjas, and tweety bird in distress.
Can't wait to see all the entries.
Diane Opria

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